5 Tips Every Mom Should Know to Have a Smooth Morning | Middlesex South Moms
  • Wake up before your child
    • In order to do this, I recommend setting an alarm…but not too loud because than you’ll wake them up and the whole point is to get up BEFORE they do. Okay, so just make sure you turn it off quickly or hide it under your pillow to muffle the sound. On second thought, do not set an alarm.
  • Take a moment for mindfulness and inner peace
    • Some call this meditation, you can choose to journal, maybe add some essential oils to a morning routine. But don’t take too long because you don’t know how much time you really have. So, on second thought, skip the oils. Actually, skip this step.
  • Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea
    • Make sure you stay very quiet. Make sure you remember you made it in order to enjoy it hot. Do not get distracted. Seriously…focus. Coffee. Tea. Hello? Yes, you, you made yourself a drink. Drink it.
  • Exercise
    • You can choose an at-home-video, or, as long as there is someone home to watch them, head to the gym. Or bring your child to the gym…oh wait… they’re sleeping. We want to keep them that way. Okay so video it is. But then you’d have to get changed and you’re trying to enjoy your hot beverage. If you stumble across something you want to watch while “searching for the right exercise video” just sit and watch that. You thought about exercising which is good…maybe tomorrow.
  • Start on your to-do list
    • Realistically during your coffee/tea/exercise/mindfulness/tv you were thinking about ALL the things you have to do and should do while your child is still asleep. Now is your time to start tackling those things. I recommend writing it all down and checking them off one by….what’s that? They’re awake? They. Are. Awake. Okay…let’s get the day started! But that’s a different list.

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