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I’m Not a Crazy Irate Parent
Guest Blog by Shay M. Biggs, Ed.D.

Parents want the best for their children, including wanting them to advance in school and to get the most out of their school experiences. As the mom of 2 grown children and Nana to 2 grandchildren, I can tell you my husband and I felt and still feel the same way. We love and adore our kids and grandkids.

But, as parents have you ever noticed how sometimes with school, things get confusing when you get school reports or have conversations with educators? I’ll tell you why that happens. You see, in addition to me being a proud parent and grandparent, I’m also an educational system insider with a Doctorate degree in Executive Educational Leadership and 33+ years of experience in public education as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, district executive director, and state educational leadership coach.

Being a system insider, I’ve seen firsthand how the language of educators – EDUSPEAK – can be confusing to parents who really just want to know how their children are doing in school, and specifically what they can do to help them at home. Sometimes educators might use educationally coded language that means one thing to them, but at face value and on the surface, what’s said means something completely different in the minds of parents. And, if parents don’t ask educators the right questions, they could easily leave conversations only to be surprised later on in the school year when they see how one conversation impacted their children’s school experiences. I guide parents to understand how to decode Eduspeak so they know what questions to ask educators about how their children are progressing in school.

In my eBook for parents, I share details of my family’s personal story of how when our youngest child was in elementary school, my husband and I were on the receiving end of confusing Eduspeak. Fortunately for us, I SPEAK FLUENT EDUSPEAK!! Because I know how to speak and decode Eduspeak, our child was saved from being misplaced in a class that would have been totally wrong and not challenging enough for her. And, because we knew how she’d already been performing throughout the years, we asked her educators some tough questions when we met with them. The long and short is that after we asked the right questions, our daughter was correctly placed and she continued to soar throughout her school years. We weren’t crazy or irate, we just had specific questions we needed answered. Knowing how to decode Eduspeak is a game-changer for parents when they’re trying to make sure their children get what they need from school systems.

I’ve been building what I call My Tribe of Eduspeak Decoders. I guide parents on how to partner with educators, decode Eduspeak, ask the right probative questions, and show the world that they’re not crazy irate parents, they just have some questions about their children. You are all welcome to join My Tribe of Eduspeak Decoders!

Shay M. Biggs, Ed.D. is an educational system insider with 33+ years of experience in Public Education. As an Educational Consultant & Trainer, she uses storytelling and questioning to improve school systems and to guide parents through how to understand and decode Eduspeak so they can help their children get what they need from school systems. Join her growing Tribe of Eduspeak Decoders!

Contact Dr. Biggs about becoming your Educational Consultant & Trainer.
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eBook link: https://amzn.to/36XuIBF (Order copies today)

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