Meet-A-Middlesex-Mom: Imaria Fakinlede | Middlesex South Moms

My name is Imaria Fakinlede

I have lived in Middlesex County for 4 years, my husband resided here before I came into United States.

I have 2 kids. A 3-year-old and 6-month old.

I love singing to them, taking my 3-year-old out for sightseeing/shopping when necessary, and watching cartoons with them.

Aja is my favorite restaurant on Route 1.

My favorite “mom memories” so far… my daughter calling me by my first name at 2yrs old. The sounds my 2 kids make while breastfeeding them. They both have mannerisms when breastfeeding them. My 3-year-old blinks her eyes, at the same making funny sounds in a giggling form. While my 6-month old makes ‘kakaka’ noise when breastfeeding. They both are quite multitasking with their mouths😄. The major mom memory is the huge smile they both give me every blessed morning they wake up.

I am involved in 2 things for now. Cooperate world and being an Entrepreneur. I have a Master’s degree in Human Resources. And I am an event planner, event decorator, and cake baker, for 4 years now – check out @nene_cakesanddecor and @nene_decor on Instagram! I offer a full package for events to any prospective client. I also have all the necessary vendors an event could need. It’s a passion for me, to create and design. I am also very analytical, which I apply to both my career as an HR professional and an Event specialist. My store is strictly online. Hopefully, someday, I will have a physical location.

All my years in United States, (4yrs) have been here in Middlesex County. And I must confess it’s been fruitful and blessed. One major person I want to thank is my Husband. His idea of living in Middlesex County is based on a good school environment and security. And sincerely, we have never had any issues ever since I joined him. He brought me to a beautiful, friendly environment. And all I can say is that, may God continue to bless and increase him. Because he made sure me and the kids are comfortable and in a good neighborhood.

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